WebWizard Designer!
  • Create webpages in a flash! Choose from a wide variety of different styled pages, or create blank pages, and the software automatically does the layout.
  • For example, if you wanted a "Contact Us" page with three contacts, you would simply enter details (such as name and e-mail address). The software would then automatically lay the contact information out into rows and columns such that it looked good -- try it!
  • If you need a certain type of page, simply put a checkmark to it! If you don't, remove the checkmark! Easy as that!
Plus, it has other cool features.
  • Easily create a text navigation bar! Search engines love text links -- and this software gives them what they want, while making your site look good and easy to navigate!
  • Add bulleted lists easily! For example, if you want to create a bulleted list in a main topic heading, simply put a dash (-) in front of a sentence! And it automatically looks like this phrase! To make a topic heading, simply put an asterisk (*) in front of the sentence!

Screen Resizer
  • Automatically resize your entire website for different "viewing" resolutions! Now, you can literally tell your users "For monitors of 800x640 resolution, click here. For 1024x768 resolution, click here". You no longer need to tell your users what resolution to have for optimal viewing pleasure! ABCWebWizard allows you to automatically resize the entire website by using the Global Settings menu. The website is then automatically resized to those specifications! No other software offers this feature. Easily, in several seconds, create several different versions! The software automatically resizes it!

Cross browser compatible!

  • Most other packages 'claim' they are cross browser compatible, but in reality are not. They "cheat" by using incompatible cascading style sheets that look very poor in Netscape, or don't work correctly in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Alternatively, they try and use DHTML shortcuts that only work in the newest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Sure it looks great on brand new systems, but not old ones.
  • This software has been tested with many browsers, and even looks great in browsers such as Netscape 3.0!!


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