Super Search Engine Optimization Functionality!

Not a simple submission service like other software that costs upwards of $300 US, but the type of software that actually works - optimizing your pages to get listed! (Available in the Professional and Enterprises Versions of ABCWebWizard!)

Getting listed in the top of search engines!

Nowadays, search engines have gotten a lot smarter as to which sites they allow to be listed first. It is based on a set of mathematical formulas, that this software optimizes your site for! This software employs a number of different strategies to help ensure that you get listed first. Plus -- if you discover a search engine employing any 'new' technique at optimizing pages, let us know, and you benefit immediately since you get minor version upgrades for free! Some of the techniques this software already uses are as follows:


  • Create blogs in seconds! Web logs, or "blogs" for short, are basically online diaries. In recent months, some have been listed near the top of searches because of the sheer number of keyword matches there are, and the number of interlinks within them (when one page links to another). This software automatically creates web logs using the keywords you specify to describe your site in seconds! Now you can have the same effect that major bloggers have, but only takes a fraction of time!

Optimized Keywords, Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Hyperlinks

  • There are a number of different techniques search engines use to determine whether your page is "relevant" to a particular search phrase (in other words, being listed at the top, which means more people visiting your site, which means more sales for any services you sell) Some of these techniques include analyzing what the "title" of your webpage is, what the fully qualified URL name is (i.e., the actual name of the HTML document), meta tags, and so forth!
  • Part of the reason search engines can rely on this information is because it is so extremely time consuming to do by hand. Imagine manually typing out keyword phrases in 100 documents. Search engines figure that it must be quality information, because only people that had a lot of resources (i.e., money, staff, etc), could afford to put that kind of detail into it.
This software AUTOMATICALLY creates this type of information for you in seconds, based on the keywords you choose! Now you can compete against the people with deep pockets!


  • This software allows you to generate links to other websites randomly, something that other software doesn't do. This helps prevent search engines from thinking you might be spamming (like a 'link farm'), if you had the same links to external sites on every single page of your site.
  • Plus, it allows you to create internal text navigational links on your site, so search engines can easily 'spider' the entire content of your site. This is much better than say some flash based sites, because search engines cannot currently 'index' the link structure contained within flash objects!

Plus Much More such as:
  • Doorway Page Generation!
  • Keyword Defintion Page Generation

Plus -- if you find something that you feel should be included in the search engine optimizer, let us know! You are entitled to free minor version upgrades, which means you see the benefits of new features!


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